Welcome To The Star Systemz 10 Day Challenge!


The Star Diet Plan is unlike your average run of the mill “detox” plan and is perfect for beginners. Many plans nowadays are time consuming, complicated and are almost impossible to follow, I have created a program that is one word EASY! With nourishing, delicious, whole foods, you will not go hungry and the plan will get you setup for a lifetime of clean eating. We all want to have endless energy, beam with confidence and be healthy hotties so let’s do this together! My name is Courtney Bentley, I am your personal trainer, nutrition expert and cheerleader. My plans are to transform your mind, your body by boosting your metabolism and help you gain control of your life.

I am a certified personal trainer, have earned my degree in nutrition and have helped women from all over the world achieve there bikini body with my tried and tested method. I myself have struggled just like you, tried those scary diet pills and spent more time at the gym than with friends and family. I myself have struggled with making the right choices when it came to food and not being able to find the time to even make the food or buy the food on other trainers plans. That is why I created a SIMPLE + EASY to use diet plan, a plan that will not only teach you how to eat right but how to make the Star Systemz Method fit with your lifestyle. After years of research I finally came up with a plan with you, your life and schedule in mind.





  • 10 Day Meal Plan (Effortless and Easy) with throw together, healthy easy recipes.
  • Motivational support throughout the entire program.
  • Printable Grocery List with exact quantities of what you need during the 10 days.
  • Tips and tricks, I have used and given to my clients and use to get myself in tip top shine.
  • A Grocery List with meal and snack ideas for long term success given at the end of the program.


  • Within 24 hours you will receive an email with your Star in Ten Challenge and a Welcome Email with exclusive tips to help you get setup and ready to SUCCEED!
  • Type in your email address to receive the motivational emails within two days of receiving the cleanse.
  • You will receive an email every day during your star in 10 challenge to keep you motivated and teach you life long tips and tricks to keep this lifestyle going for good.
  • After you finish you will get the official Star Systemz Method Guidebook with recipes, a new grocery list and more tips and tricks to keep you on track!
  • BONUS: Unlike other programs, you have ME your trainer to email at ANYTIME!


  • Jumpstart healthy Habits.
  • Increase ENERGY.
  • Cleanse the tongue, taste buds and mind/body interaction.
  • Banish those sugar, carb and Processed Foods Cravings.
  • Feel Confident in a SLIMMER physique.
  • GLOW with a clear complexion.
  • Be HAPPY and feel GREAT about yourself.
  • Enjoy restful sleep.
  • Move those TOXINS out of your BODY.





I love this cleanse and do it before EVERY event or summer time bikini party. I love the simplicity of this detox and use these recipes as my “go to ” whenever I need an easy meal that I know is good for me. I had total energy during the 10 days and have recommended it to all my friends who love it as well! The first time I did this cleanse I lost 7 lbs. with ease and Courtney’s support made it even easier. Thanks CourtStar.
Tiffany Selby